The Body of Sworn-in Valuers (BSV/SOE) was established by law in 1978. Its main purpose then was the valuation of property for taxation matters. Today it has the authority to carry out any valuation applied for. The BSV has a self regulatory status supervised by the state and is a legal person of the private sector, since 1997, supervised by the Ministries of Economics and of Justice. It is ruled by a supervisory Board, which is comprised of seven members:
  • One representative of the Technical Chamber of Greece.
  • One representative of the Economical Chamber of Greece.
  • One valuer of the Technical Department of the National Bank of Greece.
  • Two valuers, members of SOE, elected by the General Assembly of SOE
  • Two members (President and Vice President) appointed by the Ministers of Economics and Justice.
The members of SOE are self-employed professionals. BSV is staffed by specially qualified professionals, who have detailed knowledge and wide experience in their particular fields (Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Architects, Economists, Land Surveyors etc.). BSV is one of the founding members of The European Group of Valuers' Associations (ΤEGoVA) and has participated in all the international ΤEGoVA meetings and the working groups concerning valuation standards, methodology, certification etc.
BSV undertakes valuations concerning:
  • Property (all types of land, housing, retails, offices, cinema, theater, garages, logistics etc)
  • Islands
  • Listed buildings
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Τechnical works
  • Hotels, touristic companies, entertainment parks
  • Ships, industrial establishments and machinery
  • The valuation of the fixed assets of corporations which have not yet entered the equities market
  • Art
  • Collections and jewelry
  • The valuation of damages on buildings and cars caused by terrorist activity
  • The valuation of real estate property of REITs by using at least two of the methods referred above
  • Property transactions
  • Court differences
  • Damage valuations
  • Taxation purposes
  • Financial reporting (IFRS)
  • The valuation of construction machinery and equipment of construction firms for categorization and upgrading their activity degrees
  • Public compensation or alienation
  • Companies under the status of bankruptcy or merging
  • Review of bank appraisals for loans

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